Galah and wagtail join forces against???

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Galah and wagtail join forces against???

I heard an unusual bird call the other day and came out with my camera to see this bird being harassed by a galah and a willy wag tail. Can someone please identify it for me? I am thinkng  kestrel but not sure. Its behaviour suggested a juvenile but again, not sure. I have not seen one like it before in the area close to my house.

The combined efforts of the galah and wwt saw it off within about 5 minutes. They obviously considered it a threat to the many new families in the immediate area.

Thank you for any advice/info.

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No expert but thinking Australian Hobby. Happy to be corrected, also if you can give a location it can sometimes rule in or out some species. Nice series of photos.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania


Hi Dale...thanks for your comments. I am in Perth.

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Agree with Australian Hobby. I think it may be an adult because of the whitish throat and lack of rufous underneath but not certain. Are there feathers missing at the back of the neck?  Great sighting.



Thanks Sue. No, all feathers are intact as far as I can tell from the many photos I took :)


Great shots capturing the action - it stood its ground well for a while.

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Lovely series, perceverence pays off sometimes. Saw a the same thing with a Nankeen Kestrel and a Peewee recently. 

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great shots!

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Great shots!

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Terrific capture!

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