G'day from the Hunter Valley

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G'day from the Hunter Valley


I've been a BIB lurker and user of the site for ID's for a long time.

Today I was in the process of compiling a list of the birds I've seen in my yard and thought don't be a by-stander, join in and share the info.

I've always been a bird watcher and have recently become a keen bird photographer, now an affordable hobby since the inception of the DSLR, as you don't have to pay to see your stuff-ups, you just delete them.

I've just posted my first pics in this weeks challenge, and I'm looking forward to sharing photos and info with like minded people.



Rick N
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Hi Cage,

Happy to have you here and looking forward to seeing your photos and you sharing your list.


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Hi Cage, welcome. So you've been hanging around for some time , then you might know more about us than we know about you wink

I just looked at your photos, great, looking forward to see more of them.


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Welcome!! I look forward to seeing more of your photossmiley


Annie W
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A warm welcome Cage.  Glad you've decided to come out, so to speak, and join the flock!  Looking forward to your posts. 

West Coast Tasmania

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A warm welcome Cage. You have some great locations up near you such as Walka Water Works, Hexham Swamp and many more.

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