G'day from Western Sydney

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G'day from Western Sydney

Hi everyone :)

My name is Vas and i'm from Western Sydney. I have been lurking on this site occasionally for bird ID for many years but just never signed up on the forums before. I got into bird photography when i bought my first digital camera the Panasonic Lumix FZ5 followed by an FZ18 and currently using an Olympus E-M1.

Here are some randoms from of my FZ18

And last one i took from E-M1

regards Vas

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Welcome Vas, I love your shots and looking forward to see more.


If these are "random" photos, I gotta give up or get me one of those fz18's. 

Thanks so much for posting Vas. Welcome to the forum. Hope to see more of your shots in best photos. What areas are you taking your photos in ...  I am in ryde.

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Thanks for the welcome comments :) I have lots and lots on my hard drive and will add some more later.

Those are random as in random from my flickr account which i neglected for a few years ;) . The FZ18 and even FZ5 was fun and is capable in good light situations and i learned how to photograph things with it like birds. The E-M1 is much more capable and only got my 1st tele lens (M.Zuiko 40-150 f2.8 pro and MC-14 teleconverter) and will order the 300 f4 prime when it comes out for better reach as soon as that comes out. I have a 60mm f2.8 macro that gets used the most but for small things like insects, frogs etc and a 12-40 pro for family photo's, plants etc.

I take photos anywhere i go, usually within 2 hours from my place in all directions. All the nature reserves and national parks, lakes, dams around penrith have good opportunity as does the wollemi and hawkesbury/nepean system and its feeder creeks as well as all the botanical gardens. I'm a crazy bass fisherman too and have just about kayaked, boated, bush bashed my way into every little part of the hawkesbury/nepean and feeder creeks.
My easy to go to local is Mulgoa Nature reserve as it's almost in my back yard and there are alot of species here and one can never get bored of it especially when u take a macro lens and a tele lens with you. At the moment i'm being very sneaky and i love the challenge as i don't have more than 210mm (420mm reach FF equivalent) with the e-m1



Thanks for the extra info about your equipment, locale and interests. Certainly can get great shots with the super-zoom bridge cameras , and very easy to carry around. I started same way with a canon super zoom, and was very happy with the results in good shooting conditions.

I must explore western sydney more myself, I have only been to scheyville national park a couple of times and saw lot of species there. 

Hope you will post more photos in the best photos forum.

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Welcome Vas!

Amazing photos! Love them all!

Great to have another Westie among us!



Rick N
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Nice little group of closeups there Vas.


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Some great shots there Vas!

Samford Valley Qld.

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Welcome Vas, really enjoyed your pics and look forward to seeing more.

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Thanks everyone for the welcome messages. Looking forward to sharing more bird shots soon :)

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