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Gday all

Just thought I would say gday to everyone here. 

Its a great idea to have this site and forum.  I have used the website a few times to identify some birds and thought it would be good to join up.  I really enjoy photography whether that be birds, other wildlife, landscape and others, and though I have done a few shots fo birds in the past I guess I am gaining a greater appreciation of the vast variety that have been created and put on display before us.  Its not hard to go to our usual places or look out our home window and see Magpie's or Kookaburra's and perhaps Rainbow Lorikeet's and think, "Well, yeh Australia has some birds, you know, like Kookaburras and Magpies and we even have  xyz or abc".  Whilst I have seen a few types of birds in the past and certainly appreciated the variety, colour and general character of the birds involved I guess a recent visit to the Royal National Park sparked more interest.  A few hundred pics (with a few keepers hehe), several bushwalks and a Bird ID book later, I decided to join up smiley



Gday Bromo and welcome, it's amazing how many birds are out there when you get out and have a look isn't it? We go out every weekend and still see new birds all the time, and between the two of us usually end up with 5 or 6 hundred shots to sort through!

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Thanks for the welcome :)

Yeh i have to laugh, its not a few shots here or there anymore like film days is it hehe. 

I have just started to do a new "Collection" in Lightroom 4 called Birds and also naming the bird in the caption so it makes it so much easier to see all bird pics without thinking "I think I shot this in 2010" and then going through the right folders to see if i was right lol. 

Even in my local neighbourhood I have now seen birds that I never even thought would be here. Quite amazing.

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hello and welcome to the group


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Nature is amazing and it free . Welcome

See it!  Hear it!

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