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I am joining this site because I am interested in The Albatross that visit Australian shores.

If you are also interested in these birds could you please share information with me?

Look forward to talking with you!


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I'm not sure there's a big demand for albatrosses on this forum, Icdesilv, probably because they're mainly seen from boats, I'd guess. A friend of mine used to go on boat trips out of Robe to the edge of the continental shelf looking at sea birds & I imagine albatrosses would have been among them (among the sea birds, that is. Not among those on the boat trip). Whether those boat trips are still available I don't know.

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I remember when I was in the merchany navy in the 1970's the large Wandering Albatrosses would soar and glide behind the ship as we crossed the Tasman on our way to New Zealand.

They hang around and wait for the Chief Cook to heave the galley slops over the side and then land in the muck and pick out what they wanted.

Every voyage across the Tasman they would be there, also seen them around Bass Strait too and Great Australian Bight.

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