Baby bird fell from nest - what do I do?

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Baby bird fell from nest - what do I do?

A baby bird has fallen out of his nest from the tree next to our house. We've moved the bird from the ground level to a rooftop garden and his parents are still watching over him - what else can we do?

What do they eat?

James (9)

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How close to fledging is it? Does it have most of adult feathers?
Is it reasonably safe from predators?

If the parents are still looking after it, I'd probably just leave it. I recently had a parrot baby, but it died 3 days after I picked it up. If I had left it where it was magpies and crows would have killed it. I probably in hind sight should have left it as the parents would still have fed it.

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Hi James,

Good on you for helping the bird; that's lovely. I think that if the parents know where it is, they will continue to feed it, like Daggert said.

You've done a nice thing, and I'm not sure that you can do anything else.


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