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Best photo??

Noticed there was a best photo and best garden section on this website. Are these competitions that require entry and if so when do they occur?

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Not sure Berldo, but I'd also love to know more.

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I am trying to remember when these things came up Early 2008 I think it was, just after I first joined the forum that they had the garden competition. The best photo thing is not a regular occurrence. I vaguely remember it being on but again, it was back in the days when I first started following this, and as I hardly knew a thing about birds, and certainly couldn't photograph them I wasn't taking a lot of notice at the time. Holly would be able to enlighten you more on that subject maybe.

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We held a competition a bit over a year ago - the finalists are in that section of the website. We were inundated by so many beautiful photos.

It is something I will run again, but not in the immediate future as we have some big things coming for BIBY that I need to focus on for a while.

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