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Bird Photo Database

I am a newcomer here and to collecting bird photos - can anyone let me know if it is possible to obtain a database to store my photos and basic information on birds

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Hi Gerry, there is this one and it's freeware

I tried it a while ago and it was reasonably easy to work out, I was just too lazy to keep going with it.


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I don't think you need to use a "Bird Specific" database, I use Adobe Bridge. It lets you sort, move, add copyright data and much more.

You can easily view all your camera data, sort by any variable, eg. date created, modified, rating, exposure, keywords, description, shutter speed, ISO, you name it. (I sound like a commercial).

Its expensive but comes with Photoshop in various adobe CS pacakges.

You might already have it? Regards Roger.

Screen Shots and link below.

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