Bird Variety Northern suburbs

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Bird Variety Northern suburbs

I moved to Banyo, Qld from Stafford 4 years ago. I am surprised at the change in birds from one suburb to the next. I used to see a lot of Noisy Friarbirds, Cuckoo Shrike, Figbirds, Drongos. No Friarbirds in Banyo and far too many of those bluddy Noisy Miners (which prob explains the lack of other birds). However close to bushland, so lots of Ibis, Egret, Crested pigeons,Cockatoos and Lorikeets. Occasionaly I see small wrens when I walk through the bush area. I need to be able to identify birds by their songs because I don't see the smaller birds.

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Hi Leaanne,I know what you mean, my friend just up the road has Bowerbirds,I don't. His vegetation is similar to mine,but his property is more isolated. I think there are many different reasons for" what birds live where", even in the same aerea. As for identifying birds by their songs, I'have been trying it for some time, "it is soooo hard", at least I find it hard!Sorry to hear, that your vision isn't very good(?).


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