Camera suggestions, anyone?

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Camera suggestions, anyone?

There are some terrific photos posted on this forum, and I'm wondering what cameras you all use. My old camera is on its last legs, but there is "so much out there" on the market that the research is a bit overwhelming. I am after something with good image quality, and fast! for taking wildlife shots. Unfortunately I'm on a budget and therefore have to rule out DSLR. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

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What sort of budget do you have. Birding really requires a telephoto lens to allow you to get the bird to fill the frame and in focus.
A couple of cheaper options would be
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ150
Canon SX40

The Fuji Finepix X-S1 is about to be released and is supposed to be a great camera but will set you back close to $900

Good luck with your purchase.

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Yes, it all depends on the money, as always in life. We could all make suggestions, if we could spend xxx amounts of it.
I have a Sony SLT-A55V, came as a kit with a normal lens, and my husband bought a Sony 4.5-5.6/ 75-300 lens to go with it.I have looked up on the internet, you can find that combination around $900. (Reason might be that there are two updated versions of SLT A 55 on the market) Have a look on their website, what it says about the camera. I'm very happy with it.
Don't rush into anything. Have a lovely Christmas, M-L


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My wife uses a lumix fz100 the IQ is excellent but i find it a bit fiddly.
Most of the new entry level SLRs are pretty good and there are some bargains to be had at the moment.
There is always a lot of unwanted gifts on ebay and other sites,might be worth a look.

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