Christmas is upon us

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Christmas is upon us

Now that we are getting to the pointy end of the year I thought I'd stop by and wish all fellow birdies a very chirpy Christmas !

Last time I posted I was upset that a tree had been felled and the precious birdlife was distubed. Here is the latest update...

The butcher birds have had their babies - there are 3 babies & 3 adults, I don't quite know who belongs to who but they all seem quite happy together and it's like a revolving restaurant at feeding time. I haven't been formally introduced to the newcomers yet but it shouldn't be long before they drop in for a sticky.

The magpies Marjorie & her toy boy, who's name is Fred after Fred Astaire who always looked dapper in black & white, are still together, but no babies this season, hopefully next season.

Thanks for all the info & photos you guys post. It has been most entertaining.

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