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We have been watching a pair of Grebes for a few weeks.
They had 5 hatch- lings and all looked well.
We were away for a few days and when we returned the nest had gone and so had one of the parents.
I presume its mum who is now "hanging out with the kids"
Does anyone know if its usual for Dads to throw a tantrum, wreck the nest and abandon the family?
I thought it was humans who do this!

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Hi Robyn

It can be so heartbreaking when one of 'your' birds goes missing can't it. I haven't heard of the type of abandonment that you are talking about - there are lots of possibilities though. Maybe the parent was killed? Other birds may have raided the nest for materials or the weather could have destroyed it. If only the birds could talk - I am sure we would hear some amazing stories.

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