Grey shrike thrush pecking seeds (video)

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Grey shrike thrush pecking seeds (video)

Quite often I see a shrike thrush on my bird feeder (usually after the parrots have left or arrived!) Although these birds reputedly mainly eat grubs and insects, they certainly seem to enjoy a feast of birdseed as well!

Sometimes it raises its beak up and stabs the seeds as though to break them apart. I managed to catch this behaviour on (rather poor quality) video:

Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour?

- soakes

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Hi Soaks This dreadful drought has caused many birds to find other sources of food. My Superb Lyrebirds are eating "Budgie" mix put out for the Finches & other seed eating birds. The Pied Currwong takes Black sunflower seed,

For the Superb Lyrebird . was advised to suppliment "Dog sausage". The birds were starving, ground like concrete. It has been succesfull.

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