I'm sorry but this is ugly!

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I'm sorry but this is ugly!

I took these pics in the Northam River Weir (WA) in the town today. The catchment area for the river has just received some heavy downpours over the last few days and so the river is flowing again. The poor coots nest must have got taken downstream some ways but fortunately got trapped in a branch of a fallen tree. I dont know how many chicks they originally had but this one managed to either float with it, or keep up with mum and dad. They were busily trying to re-make the nest while I watched for a short time. We all love birds here, but you have to admit the chick is ugly!
I dont really like the chances for this little guy to survive as the nest is now only about 1m from shore. We can only hope.

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Hi Daggert,
that picture is not bad at all. The floating pic: head of untidy old man with long hair.
The chuck will survive I can see his head up ready for another challenge

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If you have ever watched the way coot parents discipline their young, I think you'll find this chick can handle anything thrown at it

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I went down there today, but unfortunately didn't see the chick. That is not to say the mum dad didnt move on somewhere else, but the nest is still there in the fallen branch.
Oh well maybe next year.

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