Seeds for Crimson Rosellas

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Seeds for Crimson Rosellas

For the past 2 years from about the end of May through to the end of January I receive regular visits from 3 pairs of crimson rosellas. After the end of January the visits are intermittent and usually a single bird at a time. I don't believe in providing more than a small amount of 'Large Wild Bird Seed Mix'once a day. Is this an appropriate mix or is there a better alternative? Is it likely that the same pairs (or their offspring) return year by year? I've only once or twice spotted a slightly smaller bird, with greenish feathers in place of the blue which I took to be juveniles??

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Hi Australia, welcome to the forum, as I can see this is your first post. To your question about the feeding, and what is an appropriate mix, or what the better alternative is, my answer to that is: NO AMOUNT is the best you can do for the birds! Parrots, or any other birds don't need to be fed. There is enough food out there for them. So, if you ask me, enjoy the birds by watching them in nature. You might want to read more about the dangers , and spreading of deseases from bird to bird when they get into contact with virus carrying and sick birds, at feeding stations?


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Hi Australia, I think it is very likely the same birds if they are always in adult plumage. I have noticed that crimson rosellas are fairly territorial birds, and they can live for a long time. I had a group of 3 birds for a long time but then a group of juveniles came and the adults left.
I don't think providing small quantities of seed is bad, though you might encourage mice. I have lots of fruit trees which attract birds, I don't see a lot of difference.

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