Spangled Drongo cat mimic

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Spangled Drongo cat mimic

I'd never heard of a Spangled Drongo let alone seen one in my backyard until I heard what sounded like my Manx cat meowing loudly and repeatedly. At the time my cat was standing silently beside me and there wasn't another cat anywhere in sight. Suddenly I realised that the bird perched on a bare branch in my back yard was making the sound. Over the next few weeks I took movies and photos of it mimicking my cat as well as the other birds around. One time there was a bit of a cat fight in the neighbourhood and the Spangled Drongo joined in the catcalls. I put the footage and photos together in a movie: "What Cat is That? A Spangled Drongo!"
Does anyone else have reports of birds mimicking cats or other unexpected creatures/things?

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I answered you in the Best Photos thread but please feel free to post some more great productions of your back yard finds LOL

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