Strength of a little birdie

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Strength of a little birdie

I work with intectually disabled children, anyhow i was walking of the kids across the oval when i was watching where he was walking i notice his next step was ontop of looked like a baby bird carcas, without a spilt second i tried to stop him walking but it was too late, then as his heel left the grass this little fluff ball runs across the oval, i was left with a decision, bird or kid... bird it was i ran over and held him in my hand before continuing to walk the child over to the dining room. Birdie was all of about 2 wks old, (his a singing honeyeater) anyhow we found some arronttes "nice" biscuits which mix with water to fed him for the following night and day until i got home, he slept in tissue box with a soft tissue lining, having not heat for him, we were worryied he might not make the night, however i awoke to him chirpping away, after a 2hour road trip home, i went and visited the local wildlife career who advised me on how to care for him. For the first week he lived in a box and had a water bottle every night, and endudging in meal worms on a frequatant basis, before discovering nector mix.

He excelled and would flyon my shoulder every time i open the cage and talked to him, then he discovered my laptop which this declared is now his perch. Regardless i had let him out last week, and he landed on the cocky cage, i didnt think much of it, and walked off, a little bit later i heard cocky climbing the cage, and thought id better go check, i started chirping to birdie and he wasnt replying which was really strange.. i notice him on a cardboard box and went and picked him up placing him on my laptop, when i noticed him stumbling over his foot. I then noticed his leg was dead and he couldnt move it, i was shattered and called everyone and anyone on advise, it was a saturday night, and i couldnt get into a vet until 10.30 on sunday. The prognoses wasnt looking good, the vet informed us as a wild bird, he would be put to sleep, but as a pet there are a couple of options, so i took him as a pet bird and they were able to amputate it for $100, however the vet wasnt to confident little birdie would handle the anethestic, and there was a real risk at losing him, and instident on euthenasua. I couldnt let him die, without a chance. So the surgery took place that day and he was home that night, we have him in the box to keep in quiet, but the following day he was flying out of the box and wanting his cage, he was a little sad for a couple of days after the surgery but his recovered and bounced back, and im just about to leave for his check up and bandage removal. I cant believe the strenght of this little guy, every thing his been through and his still here. Oh and the psychological and emotional turmoil one little birdie can put someone through, i swear im ten years older after the experince.

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morning Trish,how is the little bird? What a nice thing to do, looking after the bird.(although it was your cocky that bit the leg off?)But don't get me started on VETS. I can't believe he charged you $100, hope he didn't charge for badages aswell? In my aerea all the vets treat wildlife for free.(that doesn't mean, they know what they are doing,sorry all you vets!)What kind of surgery did he perform?Where on earth did he put a bandage?(I suppose he didn't put a collar on the birds head,to prevent it from pecking the stitches) Anyway, I hope the bird will make it,what are you going to do,when it grows up? Until then, good luck!


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