Tassie Birdwatching - Where to see Wedgies?

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Tassie Birdwatching - Where to see Wedgies?

Im going to Tassie in December and want to do a bit of bird watching/photography.

Where is a good spot to see Wedge tailed Eagles? I know they are here in NSW too but i'v never been lucky enough to spot one.
Understand the Tassie WTE is a subspecies of the mainland one.

Also any other suggestions for good bird spotting locations would be appreciated!

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Hi Magpie
I live in Tas and although I'm not a bird fanatic I take a passing interest in them.I do a lot of work on hill tops,mountains etc and Wedge Tails are not all that rare.At just about every site where we work we usually see at least one sometimes two.Once I saw 4 gliding around together.The best advice I can offer is just keep your eyes peeled as you're driving around and you're bound to see one.Whether it's close enough for a photo is another matter.Hope this helps.

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