bl+++y birds all nite making a racket.

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bl+++y birds all nite making a racket.

terrigal nsw a koel has taken up residense in the daughters palm tree 6 metres from thier bedroom window.
[ dad they have a place but not to squark all nite.]
when i said they go north just after christmas I got crossed off the pressie list real quick.sonin law gets very hot at nite and has the window open.

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Hopefully for her they go quiet some time before then.
I believe the all night calling is usually early in the season, and they get a little quieter later, though I don't have direct experience of one outside my bedroom window.


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Same problem here across the road, Common Koel has been lodged there for three weeks now calling day and night.

However, we are all used to it hear and doesn't worry us.

Rather the bird than the idiot down the street whose dog whines and barks off and on each night, however, council ranger has spoken to them and given them notice to "amend the situation due to neighbours complaints."

No "ammendment" then the dog goes in 14 days. As for Common Koel? He still calls his heart out, hope he gets a mate soon!

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