currawong/ butcherbird attackers.

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currawong/ butcherbird attackers.

neighbours thought I was full of it, about our cockateil getting attacked on back verandah, now they are in the same boat, the currawong comes daily and now when cockateil is not out it lifts our bonsi plant [small] and drops it onto a glass table. now at least people know I not pulling their leg. went to local hire place and asked if they hire out machine guns , it is me or the bad birds of western sydney
[near Penrith].


Well basically it's Pied Currawong breeding season in Spring, and I just read on BiBY that they will kill up to 40 broods of nestlings, to raise just their 1 chick and have been known to eat Turtle Spotted Doves. However the young Currawong's only stay in the nest for approximately 30 days, so it should end soon, or maybe it just needs food and your cockatiel is the easiest ssource. Perhaps spraying it with water whenever it comes near your verandah or a "scarecrow type thing" will help. If you want to read further about the Pied Currawong here's the page I used.
Best of luck for your situation, I hope it turns out okay.

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by George, I told you so! We get the same Currawong every year, we worry about the upstairs windows, when that huge beak hacks at it. My hubby climbed on the roof,borded the window up with cardboard.We watched him in amasement, tearing it down and shredding it.I think they commit premeditated murder aswell,chassing little birds into my windows to kill them. As we live in a mudbrick house,all the window sills are crumbled, they have also sharp claws. (mind you, that's nothing compared to the fights I have with an aggressive wombat)


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