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fitting pics in

I seem to be cutting heads or other parts of pics off what am I doing wrong ??? Help

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I had similar problems and my solution was to get the photo just right before you upload to the holding site. I use photobucket, but i notice that you use another.

First do any cropping or trimming that you feel improves the picture as this reduces the file size as well. Then you will need a program to edit the picture by RESIZING the image. This should leave the picture looking the same, but in fact a smaller size in terms of both file size (Kb) and resolution (say 400x300. I found that by reducing the resolution to about 400x300 the picture is fine on the forum. Now upload the picture.

However you have to realise that depending on the width of their screen, different people will see you picture differently. This is because this website adjusts its width to fit the screen. I have a 19 inch monitor and i find the width of 400 for my pictures is good. Someone with a smaller screen may have some of the right side of my pictures missing, but i suspect most people would have at least 19 inch screen, although not laptops necessarily.

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