oak trees

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oak trees

hi all
im near goulburn and am thinking of planting some oak trees ive been given.
does anybody have any knowledge or experience with what animals insects birds like to frequent these trees ,OR are they a bad move

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Haven't had a bad experience but you can expect to have crows feeding on and dropping the acorns. And perhaps some possums when the trees are big enough for them to hide in the branches. (but that won't be for a while)

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I have a 50 year old English Oak in the garden. Every year the Galahs nest in the top of the tree. The acorns feed King Parrots and Crimson Rosella's over winter. In summer heat, all birds hide in the shade of the tree - from owls to kooka's to wrens. And during the 2003, 2006 and 2009 bushfires the birds all eaded for the oak tree when the area was under attack. So what if they are not native. Lots of good things come from OS - oak trees included

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