Genetically engineered Salmon

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Genetically engineered Salmon

Get The Facts Before It's Too Late

The FDA is close to passing a plan that will make AquaBounty's GE AquAdvantage salmon, the first genetically modified fish, approved as safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, the review process has been sadly lacking in studies that would determine what kind of effects the fish will have on the environment. A broad environmental assessment must be completed -- one that considers the full range of potential risks, especially to marine habitats and wild fish populations like the already imperiled Atlantic salmon. If The FDA moves too fast, they may set a precedent for hasty approval of these GE animal applications. Before these modified fish are allowed to have any impact on the environment, let's ensure the proper research has been done.

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It's on again, Araminta. I have little doubt that the FDA is under pressure from the industry to approve full scale production of these unnatural salmon. As is so often the case, the "research" is done by happenstance with the results being made available only under pressure from some group which is active enough to take up the case of those who have suffered bad effects from the product.

I also have little doubt that the environment will suffer. The last thing on the mind of AquaBounty will be the effects of their unnatural fish on not only other fish stocks but also birds & mammals that might use them for food.

Some will say that this is a negative attitude but I believe it's realistic & based on what has happened a number of times previously in similar circumstances. It is up to us to try to prevent the importation of unnatural fish but how such fish could be prevented from entering the company I'm not sure. Perhaps we need a few more Sea Shepherd boats on the prowl because government prevention of such practices isn't a strength in Australia.

Having said that I hope I end up with natural egg all over my face.

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