Georges River Cumberland Plain

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Georges River Cumberland Plain

We live next door to a bush reserve running between houses.  Parrots, mud-larks, pigeons, butcherbirds and the inevitable mynas are plentiful.  However most birds are heard rather than seen.  I can identify koels, boobook owls, channel bill cuckoos and some parrots.  Apart from the Bird Finder call recordings is there any other help available for me.



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I take it that you're wanting to identify birds from their calls. If you're smart phone inclined you could try installing Michael Morcombe's Australian Birds app. It costs about $35 - or did when I installed it. 

If you're wanting to identify birds by sight then there's a variety of field guides from which to choose, including the Australian Birds app. Pizzey & Knight's A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia is used by many as is Simpson & Day's Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. I use Morcombe's Field Guide to Australian Birds. You might find it helpful to visit a book shop (if there's still one near you) with a selection of field guides & do some browsing. 

Of course, Birds in Backyards is a great place to learn to identify birds. If you can post photos you can ask for identifications. As well, a good pair of binoculars is almost essential. Practice will make if not perfect then close to it. Frustrations will abound as birds are often hard to locate or keep flitting out of sight but the rewards are invariably stupendous for those who persist. Keep in mind that males, females & juveniles of species are often different from each other. Hence the need for a field guide. Also, the more native vegetation, especially indigenous species, you can accommodate in your garden the closer the birds will be to you & vice versa. 

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