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Hi All..

I know.. .it's a bit querky... 'innkeeper'... but that' how I feel.. I feel very priveleged to live on 2  1/2 acres in the Dandenong Ranges where we are surrounded by a host of birds that come and go. It's not hard to feel like an innkeeper.. 

We have many resident feathered friends and lots also that migrate in and throughout the year. I feel it's my job to provide lots of branches to perch on for the night and interesting things to eat for their stay here.

Consequently, we  have planted many shrubs and bushes that are attractive at different times in the year.  They in turn, provide us with endless entertainment and pay for their stay with continuous music, entertainemtent and an occassional bit of pruning. (sometime too much pruning)

Right now we seem to have a plague of yellow robins. They're everywhere. It's hard to move into my nursery without them descending onto the benches, just waiting for me to move a few pots and reveal some bugs under neath.   It's awesome fun. I feel so priveledged to be host to so many visitors.

I'm only new to the site and hope to get to know many of you who also just simply enjoy being amongst our incredible birds.


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You are very welcome "innkeeper". What a lovely way of introducing yourself. I don't live very far from you , I think? I live down in the Yarra Valley, in Gembrook. We have lots of Yellow Robins all year round, they are so tame, they come and sit on my husband's shovel, or on the feeder, when he feeds his horse. I have many different little birds in my garden, I think we are very lucky where we live.

Nice to hear from you, and looking forward to see and hear from you again soon.


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Thanks for that M-L..

Yes we are all very lucky. I find the yellow robins everywhere I go... but the word seems to out lately that my nursery is  sure place to get a feed.   It's become a bit of a game.   I deliberately move a few pots each time I go in and down they swoop.. I can't believe a grown man can be so amused by something so small.

We've had the flame robin come through only twice in 12 years. He sure is  a sight to see. But here today... gone tomorrow. Too quick to even get the camera.\


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welcome to the group and looking forward to your interaction


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