Good luck for 2014

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Good luck for 2014

The very best to everyone on BIBY for the next year, may at least some of your dreams come true.

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Thanks, and to you (all) as well. Showing some of your artistic flair M-L?

Dale Huonville, Tasmania


All the best to you too. Ya crazy pelican.

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Thanks, Araminta. Let's hope we can slow down the attack on the environment in 2014. All hands to the wheel, not to mention on deck!

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I'm sure everyone is aiming to bump their bird list up in the next year. This year my aim was 300 species... I'm ending the year with 330 spp., and next year the goal is 400 species!

Brandon (aka ihewman)

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I don't want much - stay employed (need $ for birding), stay healthy (need to be able to get around), keep travelling (helps the bird list), get list to 550 (current 423) and sort all my pics (this is the big one)


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I hope all of you will get most of what you are dreaming ofheart

I just want the next year to unfold quietly and roll along without dramas, pleasecool


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nature is full of surprise, enjoy the new year birdos.

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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All I want is for some of my local pelicans to get some of the hats yours have, Araminta!

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