Grassbird or Golden-Headed Cisticola

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Grassbird or Golden-Headed Cisticola

Saw this bird at Eagleby Wetlands (Brisbane) high up in a tree and wasnt sure what type of bird it is because Im used to seeing these guys on reeds near the ground. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance


Im not sure either ... the tawny grassbird has a long tail, but i cant decide if that tail in your pics looks long or not.  Your pics show a light eye-ring and i cant find that on a cisticola or TG. I have actually seen cisticolas up high - on powerlines in fact.

All in all, i cant help you - hope someone with more knowledge will reply. Good luck.

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2nd picture looks to me like a GHCisticola 

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thanks people for the insights


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