Green Shoots

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Green Shoots

This morning Ms Woko & I awoke to the sound of rain bucketting down on our roof & drenching the parched landscape. Well, in our dreams, I suppose. At least, we had 1.7 mm in our rain gauge so it's all relative. But even that small amount of rain was enough that by about 1 pm several species of native grass were showing distinct signs of green.

I have made several representations to local council encouraging the growing of native grasses on roadsides to reduce the fire hazard presented in summer by dry, brittle introduced grasses. Not once have I had a response and I do wonder why. 

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Nice to hear woko, shows it doesn't take much for native grasses to take advantage of what little moisture there might be. I am sure you will keep fighting to educate others on better ways if planting. 

It's great to get an update, and lets just hope those rains aren't far away!

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Keep trying, Woko, maybe you can wear them down... at least in these times they might pay more attention. Great to hear of the rain, we had a tiny amount but at least there were puddles this time. 

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