Greetings from Brisbane

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Greetings from Brisbane

Hello there! We are a couple living near Mount Gravatt in Brisbane. We're both scientists (geologist and engineer) and we love making observations of animal behaviour, particularly with birds. We also have an interest in ecology and ecosystem relationships, and birds are some of the best things to learn from in that regard. Plus they're just adorable!

Our recent dwelling unfortunately has no yard, but from our balcony we can still attract and watch several species. We've identified 3 magpies, 2 ravens, 3 cuckoo shrikes, 3 blackbacked butcher birds, 6 piebald butcher birds, 2 kookaburras, 3 blue faced honey eaters, 2 friarbirds and one currawong that are regular visitors. The corvids are definitely our favourites.

Looking forward to perusing the forum. In the mean time, have some Pratt Keeping with our three magpies.


Peter & Scott.

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Welcome to the forum, Peter & Scott.

Birds are certainly wonderful to observe. They're also great indicators of environmental health. I'm interested to learn how you're attacting the species youi mentioned if you have no yard.

And for the uninitiated such as myself can you explain what Pratt Keeping is?

Owl of Kedumba
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Welcome, I'm glad to hear of your interest in birds.

Just be careful with your identifications - there are no Black-backed Butcherbirds in Brisbane, as they occur on Cape York north of Cooktown. Grey and Pied Butcherbirds are the ones in your area. If you have any queries the Identifications Forum is the place to go.

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