Greetings from the United States, in South Central Colorado!

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Greetings from the United States, in South Central Colorado!

Hello all,

I am a birder from the United States.  My wife and I both love birds, actually, but I have combined my love of photography with my interest in birds.  My wife was the birder first, and I am the "Johnny Come Lately" who wanted to share time with my wife and the picture-taking came along! That way we can do things we like, together... nice arrangement.

I have been practicing imaging birds for about three years, and find it a challenge! 

I am glad that I found your website yesterday while searching the internet for information about the differences between Ravens and Crows... I have seen some of your wonderful images and am inspired!  You folks share some of the finest images I have ever seen.  I am flattered that some of your august group invited me to post images. I can only hope that I can keep up with you!

Thanks to those of you who have greeted me so warmly all the way from down under to the states. I am excited to post and visit here.

Best Wishes to you all,


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You are welcome Philyes


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Welcome Phil, we have occasional overseas visitors here, some don't stay long, but I hope you can stick around, and show us the other side of the world's birds. Some of our members have travelled, and share their experiences with us. That way we can see real photos from real people, and hopefully some interesting stories as we go.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Welcome, looking forward to your pics


Quiet Miner
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Hi Phil,

I look forward to seeing some of your locals.


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Hi Phil. I'm most interested in seeing your photos of Colorado birds & learning about their ecology.

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Thank you, all, for the kind welcome!  I am so glad that I found your web home.

I will post more hummingbirds, since they seem to be a favorite subject!

Best Wishes to all,


Annie W
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Welcome Phil.  Oh yes please DO post Hummingbirds, and any others of course that cross your path.  A very warm welcome.

West Coast Tasmania

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Thank you, Ruby, for your kindly welcome.  I am very happy to have found your home on the internet... and hope to make it a frequent stop in my travels!

Everyone here is very nice and friendly.  I will be traveling for a few days, on my way back to California, from Colorado, so I will be off until I get back to my west coast home and settled.

See you again, soon,


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