Grey Shrike-thrush

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Grey Shrike-thrush

This bird is so friendly, it comes to the house to pick spiders off the windows. (good that I don't clean much,LOL)  It follows me around and isn't scared of me at all. While I took the photos I had to cough, thinking that would scare the bird? No, didn't fly off and wasn't worried about it either. Here he / she(?) is:

concentrating and listening to the ground DSC00154 (1) got one DSC00160 (1) one more wormDSC00137 (1) and a big one DSC00163 (4)

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Wow, these are great M-L. Lots of detail and nice light.

Cheers, Owen.

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Great shots M-L. I've seen one of these at our place occasionally too but haven't been able to get as close as you.  Thanks for sharing.

Selby, Victoria

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Good pictures M-L , I haven't heard or seen mine for a while , allthough it's that cold I haven't been outside much.sad


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Lovely photos M-L, I have not seen one of these in the wild as yet.



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