Grey shrike thrush pair bond and nesting. Slow!

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Grey shrike thrush pair bond and nesting. Slow!

 I have a pair of GSTs who frequent my verandah and carport. They have been singing to each other since the beginning of October. For about the last 10 days (now beg. December) they have been nest building but in a very haphazard way. They are also having to deal with a New Holland Honeyeater when they attempt to further their nest building. The NHHE sems to appear from nowhere when they bring in nest material. Just his presence seems to put the GSTs off. Does it usually take a pair so long to start nest building and how long do you think they will take to complete nest? It seems they only bring about 2 lots of nest building material per day to the nest so it is a very slow process. Does egg fertilisation occur before or after nest completion? ( sorry this is such a basic question) Thanks. BTW I am in North East Victoria.

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