HELP - Mystery bird, Brisbane northside EDIT - or is it a dollarbird?

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HELP - Mystery bird, Brisbane northside EDIT - or is it a dollarbird?

Hi all,  I am a new member and my love of birds comes from my Mother who adores all things avian.  I recently moved offices from a drab industrail estate to a shed at the back of someones house near a strip of bush.  Delightful.  All manner of birds, all day, every day.

But I have a MAJOR mystery.  I've seen a bird twice now that I just cannot identify.  I read cover-to-cover in my bird book last night and can't find anything close.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo... yet.  But from what I saw, it was:

  • About 30-35 cm in size
  • 75% of its body and wings are a greyish, cobalt blue
  • Distinct lighter patches near the end of its wings (like a dollarbird, but I sware its not a dollarbird)
  • Red head, a darker red maybe
  • Maybe a dark yellow beak of some description
  • Head shape was more like a figbird, NOT like a parrot.  A slightly stubby beak.

It's got a parrot's colour scheme but I'm 90% certain its not a parrot (wrong shaped head and beak).  I've looked over each and every one several times.  So, for the record, these are the birds it is DEFINITELY NOT:

  • Eclectus Parrot
  • Pale-headed Rosella
  • King Parrot
  • ...Dollarbird..

But is it a dollarbird?  I just saw a pair right now.  I sware the one I saw had more red on the head.  But what else can it be?  It's got the under-wing patches, he right shape, the right colour.

Are there different variations on the dollarbird?

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Maybe a juvenile or young Dollarbird. The red your describing for the head - could it be a brownish colour?
if you could advise your location - state and city/town might assist to rule in or out some species.

Not an expert with mainland birds, so hopefully you can get a photo, or someone else might look in soon.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I watched 2-3 of them hanging around a tall gum tree where I work all day yesterday.  It has to be the dollarbird.  From the book I have, it seems there are a number of colour variations.  I got a photo but it is too distant to see clearly.

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