HELP! Neighbour doesn't like us having the birds!!!

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HELP! Neighbour doesn't like us having the birds!!!

Hi All. We have some welcome swallows nesting under our roof. It really annoys our neighbour but we love to have them there. The birds just had three babies and they only just learnt how to fly. Neighbour wants us to take the nest down coz the birds swoop their kid. If we take down the nest what gonna happen to them? it's just sad to think that when they fly back only finding their home is gone. I don't know what to do. Can you please give me some advice? Some professional advice?

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My experience is that they will build a new nest in or near the same site, we have had a pair (presumably the same pair) nest in the same spot for 2 or 3 years at my workplace. They return and add/update their digs. We do not disturb the nest, and they happily go about their business, even though it is just above a busy doorway.  Last year they built a new nest right next to the old nest, couldn't work out why, until 4 young appeared, and after a week or three, the babies were divided between 2 nests, both "sets" of young fledged successfully. Again I think the "swooping" might just be the flight pattern, ?? coincidental that the kid is there? Can't imagine a swallow would cause much injury, even with contact. At the end of the day, it is your property and ultimately up to you if the nest stays or goes.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Firstly, you have every right to have a Welcome Swallow's nest under your roof. Do you need to be a little more assertive with your neighbour who, I get the impression, is the sort of person who feels entitled to everything. In fact, I'd go so far as to suggest that your neighbour's complaints are less about the swooping of his/her kid & more about asserting dominance over you. Have you had this sort of behaviour from him/her before?

Alternatively, your neighbour might be a really nervous person who lacks confidence & sees threats in everything that moves (or swoops). Perhaps he/she needs reassurance that Welcome Swallows are a delight to have, especially when they breed. Inviting him/her & his/her kid in for a nest inspection might be helpful in this respect.

Secondly, I agree with Dale that Welcome Swallows aren't in the habit of swooping to threaten anyone or anything. No wonder they're called Welcome Swallows!

Thirdly, the neighbour is lucky to have Welcome Swallows swooping. So many of Australia's birds are threatened by human activities that such an occurrence could be seen as quite delightful. You are contributing to Australia's biodiversity by having Welcome Swallows nesting at your house rather than detracting from it like so many Australians are wont to do. Your neighbour would do well to encourage Australian birdlife at his/her property so that his/her child will grow up with an appreciation of Australia's wonderful wildlife. Get a life with wildlife might be the go for him/her.

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Swallows feed on the wing taking whatever insects they can.  Tell your neighbours they should be grateful , the birds are doing them a favour.  The only downside to swallows building nests under eaves etc. is the possibility of lice getting in your house. Years ago we had that very same problem, the lice killed the young chicks and we had to spray for the lice infestation in the house.

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Did you try to talk with them. I think if you have a honest talk, you can keep the nest as you want. Good luck

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