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Logan Lalonde
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Hello from Canada!

Hello, everyone;

My name is Logan Lalonde, and I am a 14 year avid birder from British Columbia, Canada. I am journeying to your wonderful, ( bird and scenic-wise), country next month, birding hard for most of December and early January, all over NSW and Victoria. Would you mind trying to answer a few questions for me?

- This may sound like an obvious question, but where can you access the Anglesea Heath into birdy habitat for Rufous Bristlebird, Blue-winged Parrot, Crescent Honeyeater etc? For some reason, I only see a few small access roads off of Forest Road.

- Where are some of the best birding locations in Bunyip State Park? Through the grapevine, I've heard that the helipad is particularly excellent for nocturnal birds, such as a slim possibility for WTNI, but for daytime birds, I have zero idea of where to start.

- Another possibly obvious query for you birders native to the area, but what is the best time of day for shorebirding at the Werribee Sewage Lagoons? Here in B.C., Canada, you have to carefully work with the tides in order to get the best diversity.

- Last question - do any of you know the location of the actively nesting Red-backed Kingfisher pair just outside of Ouyen? If the slim chance you do, you can email me the details at my email address - logan.a.w.lalonde@gmail.com , as I know it is a critical location that shouldn't be disclosed in public.

Thank you very much for your time, and I can't wait to visit your country! :)

Take care;


P.S. To read up on how I am having the chance to travel to Australia, here's the link to my blog :  


I hope the link went through, as it has been troublesome for Copy & Pasting lately.


Hi Logan

Im sorry I cant help you with any of your questions, but i enjoyed all the great photos on your blog and hope you have a wonderful trip to Australia.There are lots of beautiful and unique birds here - I'm sure you will have have a lot of great sightings and experiences.

To get some help with your questions try contacting the local birdlife group for those areas you are interested in. Hopefully you can contact some hard-core birders in those localities.

The links to local groups in Victoria are here 


Good luck.


P.S.  Please share some of the photos you take in Australia on this site if you get the chance  - love to see what birds you have encountered in your travels.

Logan Lalonde
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Thank you very much, Whistlingduck! I appreciate your advice, and I will definitely try to post on these forums if I get a decent shot of a bird on my travels, or find something relatively rare. I am very much looking forward to the journey, and thank you also for that link; I'll try it out.

By the way, what kind of whistling-duck are you? Plumed or Wandering? :)

Logan - Kelowna, B.C. Canada


Look forward to seeing some photos from you Logan ... I will keep my eye on your blog too.  Have a great trip.

Im a Wandering Whistling Duck - appealled to me because its such a comical name for a bird.

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