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Hello from Manila

Hello everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant in a small and private publishers office. We have doves here in our place and they have no bird cages at all. They did not leave us and they keep on multiplying. Anyone here who tried taking care of doves?

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Hi Gustavo. You sound surprised that doves should be present in your location without being in cages so I presume the doves are in the wild. Do their increasing numbers concern you? If so why would that be the case? Why do you think their numbers are increasing? As is so often the case there are many questions to be asked about happenings in the environment. 

Here in Australia there are quite a few people who prefer our native doves to be in the wild rather than imprisoned in cages. This way the doves perform their natural role in the environment thus making the environment healthier. It also means the native doves can care for themselves while we do other things such as protest against the damage to the environment which is occurring in so many places!

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