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Hello from Victoria

Hi all, my name's Pip. I've always loved camping and hiking and being in nature, and also bird watching, but it's only been this year that i've started systematically keeping and uploading lists. It's been enormous fun, educational and it's done wonders for my health, both mentally and physically. 

I've travelled all over Victoria this year and seen some incredible places, amidst all the cleared fields. I've improved a lot in terms of idetifying species but i'm absolutely hopeless at sea birds and most shore birds, so i'll probably be exploiting your 'IDing' thread after my next coastal trip. (I'm yet to confidently identify a sandpiper).

I've been dropping by this forum for awhile now, thought i'd join and say hi.

Thanks for having me.    

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Yes, Pip, birdwatching can do that for you. And welcome. 

Post away on the Identifications thread. There’s always someone here who knows something about a hard-to-identify bird. 

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