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Hello from Wollondilly

Hi all,

I am Petar also known as poida, i live in the wollondilly area of Macarthur region. 

i been doing photography for few years now mostly landscape, Nature.(Petar B Photography)

Been trying to get bird shots inbetween as area around me has huge abundants of bird species.

Was not till earlier this year i seen Sacred kingfisher near bargo river i started thinking about getting new lens as one i had was always soft with bad CA on any length.. i gave up after couple weeks.

then recently last month i seen kingfisher photos from another photographer made me think about going thirlmere lakes again (suposely 150 species of  birds there) seen  2 kingfishers in the area manage to get an ok shot of and rufous fantail. 

finally thought stuff it time for new wildlife lens and get stuck into it. to my surprise sacred kingfisher rocks up in back yard... idk if that is a sign or not but man i was excited and that first shot with so much detail spent every morning at thirlmere lakes N.P. my fave would have to be the little black cormorant flying after motorbike scared it off near the lake.. 

ill be marking every bird i find on my little google map around thirlmere lakes hopefully i can find all 150 species or even 100 who knows time will tell  i am happily hooked. 

Poida B

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Great shots Poida. Definitely keep trying as you will soon become hooked and spot birds you have not noticed before. The Sacred Kingfisher is always a beauty as is the Rufous Fantail. Welcome to the group. I have been away for a while but will try to post something soon


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