Hello all!

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Hello all!

Hello to all!

Returning member here, hope to see a few old faces still around! Brushing over those details (I like to think I've matured considerably since last time), I bring a wealth of new photos and the happy news that I'm now studying science with the hope of working in the conservation effort in the future. See you all around :)

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Wow, welcome back Amateuryesheart Can't wait to see some of your photos and I'm looking forward to your contributions. Good to hear from you smiley


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Wecome back ,we have seen a few past menbers rejoin the site lately,looking forward to seeing some of those new photos

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I was just wondering yesterday what you were doing now that yhou have left school... hadn't seen this post and so happy for you that you are on yhour way into a field that is close to your heart.  I remember you being very tied up with study in final years of high school and I wish you well in your Uni studies.  Very nice to hear from you again and look forward to seeing some pics from you too



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