Help to ID 2 birds in Gold Coast

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Help to ID 2 birds in Gold Coast

Hi all,

I've recently moved from WA to QLD and I've heard a couple of birds that I would love to know the ID of. One almost sounds like a person whistling, with 2 distinct and clear notes sung - 1 up then 1 down. The other bird has a real song, but it works it's way up almost as if it's trying to sing a musical scale! They're very cool. If it helps, I hear them in the Coomera area of the Gold Coast, not that far from the Coomera River. These birds i've heard are in a section of bushland in the suburb. I've attached 2 of my video links below (hope this works?), I'm hoping somebody can help me out?

Thanks in advance!

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The first is a butcher bird, I’m uncertain about the second one, but it sounds like a white throated garygone.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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The 2nd one is a Brush Cuckoo.

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Thank you both! You've solved the mystery (for me), cheers!!

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