Help identifying bird by its call?

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Help identifying bird by its call?

Hey, so I'm in Melbourne. There's a birdcall that I've heard my whole time here but have never been able to identify. It goes like this (if you have a piano or something you can play it):

C G F G | C G F G | C G F G | C (rest) (rest) (rest)

Then it pauses and repeats it again. It's sort of piping and bright, and the notes are quite short and staccato.

Thank you!

Alex Rogers
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That is a tough request :-) Maybe try recording it on your phone (you can get surprisingly good results) and then posting that, and people can have a crack at that. 

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Okay so I don't have a recording so I just went in some music software and put down the notes and picked an instrument that sounds as similar to the bird as possible lol. It's in a different key but that doesn't matter:

I know the site looks kind of dodge but I don't want to have to make a Soundcloud account. It needs flash to play btw.

Thanks! :)

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Hmm....I don’t know. Never here’d it before.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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