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Hi from Germany

Hello everybody,

I would like to introduce that I’m Michel Paul. I come Germany. I’m 30 years. I come from a family of naturalists and I've always liked birds. I'm brand new in this forum. This forum is very interesting ! I hope that I will find lots to interest here and make friend with everybody. I just came back  from Vietnam with my family. We do this holiday with a local Vietnam travel agency. I saw a lot of birds in the pack and forests. It is very interesting!

So I hope I can interact and learn from all of you, cheers!

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A hearty welcome & a happy Christmas to you, michelpauluk.

I'm sure you saw lots of interesting birds in Vietnam. Do you photograph birds? If so, it would be good if you are able to share your photos on this forum. While this forum is mainly about Australian birds, people are always interested to learn about birds in other parts of the world. In fact, many birds seen in Australia migrate to the northern hemisphere to breed. We look forward to learning more about the birds of Germany & other parts of the world you might be visiting.

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