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Hi from Hawkesbury NSW


just recently joined the forum.

keen birder when i was a youngster, was lucky enough to have a neighbour lend me his binoculars on a long term basis and also introduce me to a fellow called Bill Lane, who used to take me banding and to RAOU meetings. Graduated from "What Bird Is That?" to the brand new Slater guides and a box of index cards. Some of us have hobbies, others have obsessions...birding was a big interest for a good few years.

Got distracted by all sorts of things for several decades, but still dug out the field guides when i saw something unusual. Moved from inner Sydney to the Hawkesbury about 18 months ago and suddenly noticed all sorts of birds I wasnt familiar with. And so the interest in birding got rekindled, just a shame my hearing and eyesight isnt what it used to be. Still have a bit of an obsessive streak, so i'm trying to restrict myself to what can be seen or heard from the backyard or the car. Avoiding getting mixed up with the waders on local lagoons at all costs.

I'm mainly here to ask silly questions (how many am I allowed?) to help ID birds i'm unfamilair with, or for help with calls I used to know but cant remember what they are anymore



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Welcome, you've come to the right place.

I think we all have a little obsessivness in us, just depends on what it is.

My wife says I'm obsessive about birds, I just say it could be worse I could be obsessive about drinking, smoking, gambling etc.

Anyway, the people on here are very friendly and very good at identifing birds.

As far as silly questions go, they may seem silly to you but chances are if you've though of the question, someone else has as well, but maybe not as confident in asking for help.

My motto is, if you don't ask, you won't know.

Have fun and happy birding!


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Sounds like an interesting part of the world to which you've moved, Mike. It's great that the spark has been re-ignited.

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Hi Mike,

welcome to a place to feed your interest, though I am not sure it will stimmy your obsessive side!

Silly questions are allowed as long and as often as you have them! Because what is a silly question to you might be a point of great interest to another.

It is nice to be able to folow the interest of birds in your own backyard I do the same, family commitments prevent me from spending too much time away from home but I live on five acres and their are plenty of species here to keep me busy and interested.

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