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Hi from Lake Heights

Hi everyone, what a great site this is. Lots of information and some fantastic photos. My name is Joanne and I live in Lake Heights just south of Wollongong. Became interested in birds a year ago when we brought 6 acres of land. At Lake Heights we have many New Holland Honeyeaters but it is on our block of land where I enjoy bird watching the most. Still new to this so am still learning what bird is what but I know this site will be very helpful. Joanne

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Welcome to the forum Joanne, the place you live in sounds nice. On 6 acres you would have lots of birds?  Can't wait to see some of the birds in your backyard, and hear some of your stories.


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Oh welcome Joanne - another from my part of the world! I live nearby in Wollongong too. Lake Heights is a lovely spot and you would get some great birds on 6 acres!

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Thanks Holly, Araminta. Yes get some nice birds at Lake Heights. Lots of New Holland Honeyeaters, Wattlebirds, Lorikeets. On our lot at Marulan because it is a light bush block we get a better variety of birds, magpie, currawongs, wattle birds, kookaburras, rosellas, yellow robin, some small birds that I think might be yellow rumped thorn bills but they are so small and active it's hard to get pics of them. They are just a few of the birds I have spotted for now. Really enjoy watching them though.


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Hi joannew Yellow rumped thorn bills like to feed on the ground with short grass eg parks& lawns with a few trees ,welcome hope this helps .

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