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Hi from Perth

Hi I am from Perth, Western Australia. I live only 10kms from the city but my home is near the river and next to a University that is surrounded by bushland and pine trees so I am lucky enough to have a good variety of birds visit my garden. I have lurked on the forum for a while and love looking at everyone's pictures. It is wonderful to see that so many other people share my love of watching the birds in their gardens!

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Hi there Jacquelyn. It sounds like you have a nice environment close to where you live. Plenty of opportunity for bird watching there, I imagine.

What species are the pine trees you mentioned & do you see Carnaby's &/or Baudin's black cockatoos among them?

Annie W
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Hi Jacquelyn & welcome!  If you are South of Perth, Bibra Lake is one of many (sometimes overlooked) places that has a surprising amount of birdlife (apologies if you already knew this) laugh

West Coast Tasmania

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More birds if there is water in lake (Bibra) was there last month and most of it was dry. You will still see birds but its better if you add water. :)

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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