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Hi There!

Hello everyone, great site you have here. Being a relatively new import (18 months) I am using it all the time to identify birds around the place. I live out the back of the Gold Coast and absolutely love the birdlife here, Its so diverse. We are lucky enough to have a wildlife corridor over our back fence and everytime I see something new I race inside and find out what it is on this site (My wife thinks i'm mad!). I have identified about 23 species so far. Hope to put some photo's up at some stage.

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Hi there, tell your wife, you've come to the right place, I can only speak for myself, but I'm certainly "mad", mad about birds, and mad about taking photos.


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I'm looking forward to your photos, Kiwiscanfly. I have very fond memories of my two visits to Lamington National Park (which I think is near you) & its bird life many years ago .

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Welcome aboard.  Yes, though I've only visited your general area in passing, I remember seeing some very beautiful birds.  Looking forward to seeing what you can capture with your lens.

Brisbane southside.

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