How can I help this injured Butcher Bird?

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How can I help this injured Butcher Bird?

I live at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We have a butcher bird here who looks like hes been attacked by another bird. His top beak is broken, and he has an abbrasion on the top of his head with feathers missing. I dont have any experience with birds, so forgive me if some of my questions seem a bit misinformed. I just joined this website to see if I could get some advice on how I could help this little butcher bird...

I've been feeding it little pieces of meat, because it cannot handle any large pieces with its beak problem... I'm just curious, can veterinarians do surgical procedures on birds where they attach synethetic beaks where one has been broken? And if so, are there any around who would do such a procedure for a low price? I really want to help the butcher bird but Im not really in a position to spend thousands of dollars on an animal surgery... I know there are celebrity vets who do things like that on their TV shows...It would be so great if one of them could feature this Butcher Bird in an episode of their TV show. Are there any charity organisations or vets who would do a procedure like this for a low or no price?

I also understand that birds can go into shock when taken into captivity. With this issue I was wondering, is it possible to put some sort of drug or sedative into the birds food, so they fall asleep and can be taken to a vet without any knowledge of what has happened?

Any help with these questions would be much appreciated.



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Hi Callum, follow the link and contact a wildlife rescue service in your area. They are trained in such matters, will rescue and rehabilitate as need. 

Thanks for caring.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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You really are a compassionate person. I appreciate your love for this bird. I am also a bird lover and I think you should look for a bird support service organization. And I hope it will recover soon and once again thank you for your wonderful heart


I am a bird lover and also have experience with birds. I will be happy to be able to share my experience with everyone.

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Hi Lisa

It's great that there are people who are concerned about the wellbeing of our native birds.

Perhaps more importantly we need more people who are concerned also about ecologies & natural habitats for not only native birds but also all native critters. They are all dependent on each other in the wonderful web of life.

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