How do I change my password?

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How do I change my password?

I am changing passwords as I've had a data leak. When I go to the dashboard, it tells me I can't change password here, that it's in the bird life portal. This is useless information - provide a link?! I don't know what the bird life portal is, or where it is. I went to the bird life website and cannot find any portal? Why is this so complicated?!

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I believe that as you Log in, it goes to the Birdlife portal where you select an option like forgot or change the password. Alternatively search for Login Birdlife Australia, log in on the old password and then change it.

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And if you are still having trouble - please email and they will help you to change it. Explain that you are using the Birds in Backyards site.


There are some digtial transformations happening with Birdlife, which means that there are a couple of log in systems on the go at the moment and it makes it a bit challenging to find the right one!



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