Identification Please! (Bird call)

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Identification Please! (Bird call)

Hi, I need help identifying a bird! I have been looking for this bird for years with no sightings, only the sound.

It usually does this sound in morning or afternoon, and more in spring/winter. We are in Perth Hills for location.

The first call is a whistle that sounds like 'I love you, I love you'.

A bird then replies (or might be the same bird) with a low, deep, mournful sound like this: 'Aghhhhahhh'.

We usually hear it from ~50 to 100 metres away, and high in a tree.

Please help if you have any ideas on what this bird could be!!

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Hi bettisgr

Unless you can provide a recording of the call I doubt that much can be made from “I love you. I love you” & “Aghhhhahhh” - as you can probably appreciate. Some bird field guides have written bird calls  so you’re in good company but for the life of me I can’t tell what the words sound like. And I doubt very much if anyone else can either but I’m happy to stand corrected on that score. If you can make a recording of the call & post it here then we might be off & running. 

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Yes, I understand it is difficult to identify it from the little info that I have given lol! These birds usually come in Winter or Spring so around that time if I record the bird then I will post it to the site. Thank you :)

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