Banded honey eater?

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Banded honey eater?

Be gentle, first post. I am in the northern suburbs of Melb. I have identified many birds here, to my satisfaction, last one was a hawk owl. But! this guy looks like a banded honey eater and I cannot see how that can be. He has all the appearances of a pied honey eater, except his throat is full white. Help please.

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Hi Papilio
Not from your part of Oz but a White-fronted Chat comes to mind.

Ed Townsville NQ

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what about a crescent hoeyeater

Cheers, Owen.

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Hi Owen1,

Firstly, welcome to the BiBy forum :) It's great to see someone else who's obviously interested in birds and IDs.
I hope you'll like it here, we're mostly a friendly lot...

Can I just suggest that you look at the dates of threads you are replying to? Posts that were sent a year or more ago are probably not looking for IDs on that bird still, and digging up lots of old posts is often considered poor form on internet forums.



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